✩ Want You To Know: “white men appropriating it last night of all nights was a bit too much for me”

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Looks like app downloads are slowing down in a very dramatic way. I can probably still count on one hand the number of apps I've used since 2009 that were a well designed pleasure to use, and not just an awkward resizing of a website / web app with a horrendous number of display ads obscuring, well, everything else. You know, the functional bits that I'd installed the app for in the first place.

“They apparently had zero appreciation of the irony,” an exasperated Olin told Intersect by DM. “Honestly I think it’s a wider anthropological sign of what the Internet is like now and I’m resigned to that — but the white men appropriating it last night of all nights was a bit too much for me.”

'A woman came up with this clever meme. Men quickly pretended the idea was theirs.'

(amongst other things, Laura Olin currently publishes The Awl's newsletter Everything Changes which is great and well worth subscribing to if you like rankings of Port–a-Potty names in your inbox)

Speaking of The Awl, what would you choose to leave behind if we could remake the Web from scratch?

I got a little taste of what the future of technology has in store recently when a pedantic bot got in touch with a bot of mine to take issue with its spelling.


Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


'Cinemagraphs of Summery Landscapes in Croatia'

Totally Confused

Macro viruses reborn, modern music box, 2001: A Picasso Odyssey, Strange Trees, and life advice: ignore life advice .

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