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The weather forecast here is precipitation for the weekend. Probably beyond the weekend too and possibly even stretching into the next decade. I got this forecast from the Accuweather app, which big meteorology says is a liar.

Hooking up on the Internet has been mostly solved. Making friends hasn’t.

“The teatox industry is enormous … paying as much as a quarter of a million dollars per post …promoting teatoxes has become one of the fastest growing businesses on Instagram.” You learn something new, and a new word, every day. Teatox is also a load of unscientific teatox. There’s an impressive number of layers of shadiness on show here, from celebrity woo endorsements to the mystery of whether these ostensibly competing companies are actually all the same. Of course there’s a Mormon connection.

In this age of easily spread misinformation, who will debunk the famous debunkings of yore? Chuck Tingle?

Bad software has partially digested cars and maybe it might be better if we just admit defeat and let the self-driving ones take over.

Turns out the best Pixies cover version ever is by a bunch of yelling animals. It had never crossed my mind before, but this is just what a song about surrealism needed to complete it as a fully realised piece of art.

For your further listening pleasure here’s a couple of podcasts.

The latest episode of Let’s Make Mistakes is called ‘hashtaggarbagefire’ and is about writing good copy for the Web, which not enough people know how to do. C’mon folks, Jakob Nielsen has been wittering on about this for twenty years now. Also digs into how to do superficial customer service well on Twitter. Placating angry people rather than fixing problems works, for a while at least.

‘Pls Pee On Me’ from The Heart covers an app that lets people talk about sexytimes with their partners without directly talking to them. Raises an interesting point about how comfortable people have become with talking via text as compared to face-to-face.

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