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Need some help parsing what people say on the Internet? Mallory Ortberg is here to help. As usual, it is actually worth reading the comments on The Toast.

Of all media outlets, CNN has decided it's time to come out as a voice of reason amidst the Ebola hysteria sweeping the USA. It's done that by running an overwrought story about the hysteria. Sitting alongside this item is a sidebar full of Ebola stories that would impress the creator's of the Mail Online's 'sidebar of shame'.

No, Banksy wasn't arrested, you tabloid ninnies.

Technology / Internets

Microsoft might be better positioned to focus on cloud computing rather than mobile. Well spotted, NYT. Even the average head-in-the-clouds mobile handset consumer might have noticed that Windows phones aren't exactly selling in largew numbers.

Irish people are buying things online. This changes everything.

Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter as part of her campaign to end online bullying. Twitter users start bullying Monica Lewinsky. Don't you go changing, Internet.

Forget this digital communications lark, we should all get back to crafting beautiful handwritten letters.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


Trine Sondegaard: Interiors 2007-12

Totally Confused

Zombie-proof cabin, online dating via chimney, cats are horrible, plants are sad when you eat them and mythbusting a MythBuster on McDonalds.

Finally, I made this especially for Irish Water.

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