✩ Want You To Know: Unplanned Mine Edition

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Happy Monday y'all!

Technology Chutney

Apple ads – they just don't make 'em like they used to.

Over the weekend the Internet became outraged (OUTRAGED!) to discover that Facebook has been tinkering with users' news feeds and 'emotionally manipulating' them.


But what if this announcement is just another experiment, testing the speed of the spread of outrage or something? Turtles all the way down.

Build your own Steam box

Unauthorized =/= unacceptable. Tedious adventures in the world of copyfraud.

we have a basic right to participate in culture that is more fundamental than anybody else’s desire to maximize profits.

On the upside, if you have a problem (you're being sued by your Prime Minister) and noone else can help, maybe the Internet can.

Crowd-funding his defense, he exceeded his target of 70,000 Singaporean dollars in four days. He’s also spoken at a protest against the pension system organized earlier this month, and written plenty more on the subject.


Shot at Dawn

During the first world war hundreds of soldiers, many of them teenage volunteers, were shot by firing squad for cowardice or desertion. Chloe Dewe Mathews's photographs of the mostly forgotten sites of their execution provide a poignant memorial of their tragic fate.

Red Star exploding.

Frozen photos from the Antarctic past.

Worth Pondering

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Totally Confused

Trampolines in the mine, diamonds in the mine, data in the mine, museum in the mine and survival in the mine.

Football Corner

Punching. Cardiac arrest. Hubris. Dumb tweets.

This World Cup is serious business.

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