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Quiz: Trent Reznor or household appliance?

The BBC Genome Project has published all the Radio Times listings from 1923 to 2009. The repressed copy editor within you can sign up and help them fix things wot is broke.


Whisper, the totally not insecure app for sharing your innermost thoughts with the Internet turns out to be anything but secure. Could anyone possibly have seen that coming?

Twitter still thinks people would like to see tweets in their timeline from folks they don't follow. Eh, no thanks.


A few thoughtful things on GamerGate, because it just won't go away.

Gamergate is exactly what it appears to be: a relatively small and very loud group of video game enthusiasts who claim that their goal is to audit ethics in the gaming-industrial complex and who are instead defined by the campaigns of criminal harassment that some of them have carried out against several women.

They threatened the wrong woman this time. I am the Godzilla of bitches. I have a backbone of pure adamantium, and I’m sick of seeing them abuse my friends.

Imagine! You hear your child talking animatedly about something. He steps closer and you hear him say "bias" and "Sarkeesian." The words drip with spite. Later, you hear him through the bedroom door, talking to his webcam: "No, it's about corruption in games journalism!" What do you do?

For any traditional protest movement, a front-page story in America’s leading newspaper linking it with death threats, harassment and terror threats should be a death knell.

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Homeopathic overdose, the greatest love of all, on Tinder, adultery arms race, autocomplete a song and subway smokebomb redux.

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