✩ Want You To Know: This Is What We Do Now

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‘We ask the reality TV star who may become leader of the free world how tough he would be on large zoo animals.’

Publishers hand ‘their futures over to Silicon Valley billionaires’

We ‘have come to depend on GPS, a technology that, in theory, makes it impossible to get lost.’

We have data doppelgängers who like ‘water, ice, oranges, day spas, Chinese New Year, cervical verte­brae, and human skin color.’

We have ‘“fans” on Instagram who were surprised to learn we were more than just a bot that posted pictures of Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice every four hours.’

This is what we do now.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


Natural Palettes

Totally Confused

Player Two, unstoppable content flow, Mosh Pit Simulator trailer, who marries whom and Put Your Head Into Gallery.

Yours etc., @loughlin


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