✩ Want You To Know: “This generation just like has no brain or something.”

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Russian submarine still on the loose in Swedish waters. Sean Connery's whereabouts unknown. They're going to try and 'coax' it to the surface.

A meditation on Microsoft Word and other word processors. FYI, I write this and most other things using Draft, which is extremely wonderful if you're prepared to learn a small bit of markdown.

The most straight-up awful thing contained in this piece on pretty awful site Thought Catalog is the awful portmanteau 'platisher'. It's used five times.

Facebook are trying to make their walled garden a nicer place for teenagers and others to play. Relevant to this, Chambers Dictionary has made 'overshare' its word of the year.

They say you can see censorship but you can't see surveillance. But what about surveillance of your aura?


Someone thought that encouraging patronage was a grand idea, and would assuage any fears voters might have about the operations of Irish Water. Give the politicians their own dedicated phone line so they can make 'representations'. A truly Irish solution to an Irish problem.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


The 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award

Totally Confused

Instagram romance, healthier children through time changes, dogs as clever as children, startups still from hell, but Twitter is the source of all evil.

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