✩ Want You To Know: “They babble into hand-held twit machines about that cool email”

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We live in a world of Nathan Barley‘s and nobody saw it coming. Since you’re all probably a bit Barley too, I saved your lazy fingers and collected the video links you want right here.

Samsung has somewhat clarified how much spying its televisions do. If you’re concerned about the rise of the robots, you can soon get your hands and feet on one that you can kick for fun. If you’re tired from your exertions, just kick back and let these guys bring you some refreshments.

Dr. Ben Goldacre wins this week in highly important smackdowns, taking the Toronto Star to task for some pretty awful vaccination reporting. This was followed by some equally embarrassing unwillingness to admit they messed up.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy

Human Landscapes of Canada

Totally Confused

YouTube changed the world, crows understand analogies, mangled Russian anthem, open plan offices and automating Tinder.

Finally, in Twitter news, a Twitter executive’s Twitter account was compromised.

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