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Always surprisingly slow on the uptake, brand advertisers have finally noticed that Facebook may not be a particularly useful or trustworthy advertising platform. Why they thought this might work out otherwise is anyone's guess.

Also in Facebook news, they're back chasing their weird techno-libertarian dream of forcing their users to use their real names, for no particularly good reason.

Google has decided that it might be a good idea to stop supporting climate change deniers.

The knuckledraggers of the Internet continue to abuse women for being women.


If this really is true and the cupcake bubble is over, what will PRs send to journalists for no good reason instead? Cronuts? Soup?

The Grauniad Abides


Worth Pondering


Eye candy / History Lesson

Ages of Empires. Historical map showing exactly who was beating up whom and when.

Betteridge Of The Day

Does A Cancer Diagnosis Turn You Into A Better Person?

Totally Confused

Survey respondents are liars, men can't remember things, robots can be oenophiles, lasers locate lost cities and this is how you quit your job

Tune: ▶ Big Star, 'Daisy Glaze'

Sportsing Corner

Today in golfing crimes against clothing


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