✩ Want You To Know: The Most Exciting Of All Greens

Best pithy URL slug in ages, and the article ain’t half bad either. Lots about the widespread, unavoidable try-so-hard uniqueness of startup culture.

Branding. Chartreuse “screams lively or quirky,” Michelle Richter, senior designer at O+A, an interior design studio that has decorated for the likes of Uber, Yelp and Cisco, told me. Tech workers use zany hues because “uniqueness is valued” in the industry, Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute, says. “It’s a real attention-getter, and that’s what you need when you’re starting out. It truly is an unignorable color. There are other colors that you hardly see, but not in your chartreuse range.”

This live action FPS video is just as good as everyone on Twitter said it was, and I’m really disposed to disliking these sort of things. Sometimes, just sometimes people on the Internet can be amazing and inspiring. Particularly funny to see which of the ‘players’ are familiar with FPS tropes, and which of them are mostly confused by the whole thing, but still happy to go along with it. The ‘making of’ video is great as well.

I admit to entirely forgetting that there was free municipal wifi in Dublin. It is now no more, departing with the slightest of whimpers. At least it’s contributed some more idiosyncratic signage to the cityscape.

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I’ve been using a couple of new free streaming music services which are built on top of (mostly) tracks hosted on YouTube and Soundcloud for the last few weeks. Given Google’s commercial interest in streaming music I’m extremely sceptical as to how long these will last – they seem to have killed off or crippled several small similar services recently.

If you’re a little miffed that Spotify are interested in finding out what colour underwear you’re wearing and telling you what your neighbours are listening to, one or both of onetune.fm or bop.fm could be worth looking at though.

Totally Confused

Notifications! NOTIFICATIONS! NOTIFICATIONS!, favourites, base jumping spiders, TV from the future, and New York not popular with New York Times readers.

Finally, here’s an adventure game for you: The Writer Will Do Something. Particularly relevant to anybody who writes a lot, or wants to work in the games industry. If you value your sanity, don’t do that last one.

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