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Amidst all the larger-scale awfulness

“I mostly look for malfeasance by larger companies,” he said. “It certainly seems like a situation that could call for legal redress. But this is a small business in the town where I reside.”

How to be unnecessarily obnoxious over four dollars, by a Harvard Business School professor.

A Korean Air executive has resigned from some of her duties after she ordered a flight to be turned around to the gate and a flight attendant off the plane because she was served nuts in a bag instead of on a plate.


Although gender inequality in the adult world continued to diminish between the 1970s and 1990s, the de-gendering trend in toys was short-lived. In 1984, the deregulation of children’s television programming suddenly freed toy companies to create program-length advertisements for their products, and gender became an increasingly important differentiator of these shows and the toys advertised alongside them. During the 1980s, gender-neutral advertising receded, and by 1995, gendered toys made up roughly half of the Sears catalog’s offerings—the same proportion as during the interwar years.

Things are worse now than fifty years ago

Jackie, the anonymous woman at the center of UVA’s ongoing rape scandal (and Rolling Stone’s ongoing journalism one), was unceremoniously outed on Twitter over the weekend — to the enormous consternation of tweeters on both sides of the U-Va. debate.

2014 Internet culture summed up

Still, it's not all bad. 126 million people have watched a YouTube video called 'People are awesome'. That must count for something, right?

Eye Candy

2014: The Year in Photos, May-August

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Mistletoe drone injury, horse-drawn ban, Black Twitter, women laughing alone with tablets and Christmas trees around the world.

Finally, if you install one app today, make it JakeDate. The hollowness of it all.

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