✩ Want You To Know: The Al-Qaeda Synergies

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Hot weather prevented this newsletter going out yesterday, I swear. As is usual, there’s no unifying theme, so lets just get going, shall we?

What’s cooler than being cool?Relevant.

In the not-news department, Game of Thrones is a pirating favourite.

That’s two petabytes, people. I’m reliably informed that a petabyte is bigger than a large family of elephants.

All About You

Where were you during the great taxi wars of 2014? The Wall Street Journal concocts a challenge out of three reporters making a short journey in a taxi. JOURNALISM.

New emoji are coming. What does this mean for you? Not a huge amount probably, but the Internet in general thinks it’s of great importance.

Chief Instagram Officer. How would you feel about introducing yourself to people with that title?

This week’s dose of ‘video games are killing us all’ scaremongering. This article contains so much speculation and stupidity that it really isn’t worth picking apart. Using scare quotes around “gaming” is so very early 90s, Damon Linker.

“so the Al-Qaeda relationship, what are the synergies there?”

ISIS, which is currently in the news, publishes an annual report. Here are some finance people discussing it.

This guy is still picking on dogs.


Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Game of Thrones commentary by Phil Neville, Ode to Joy in an unexpected fashion, chilled investing, riot control drones and riot control drone countermeasure


Football Corner

Amazing it took Eamonn Dunphy this long to realise that swearing and subsequently apologising on live TV could get him on the front page of many newspapers! Who could have guessed that, eh?

The World Cup of food.


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