✩ Want You To Know: Sweden Is Pop And Trekking Dogs

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Much to read and think about regarding Ferguson. The best place to start is Today In Tabs.

Do you like Swedish pop? Of course, there is much more Swedish pop that the article doesn't mention.

Well worth getting your ears around is 'A Girl's Own Story', this week's BBC Radio 4 documentary (direct MP3 link, 27MB). It covers topics close to my heart such as Riot Grrl and the Internet not being an entirely terrifying place populated by predators but actually a pretty damn good thing. It goes away in three days, so get listening.

I missed this nice profile of Megan Amram in the Guardian. Entirely worth reading for this quote about Jenny McCarthy alone:

“Ladies, if this Jenny McCarthy stuff teaches you anything, it’s that all anyone wants to do is listen to a hot blonde tell them exactly what to do and how to think. Just keep on keeping your body tight, gals, and you can basically make up any sort of science you want!!

In Octopus Raft updates, you can now virtually fly through your skyscrapers of cash. Now who wouldn't want to do that?

Along similar lines, aim-to-please employees are now a real, and rather silly, thing.

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The Best Album Covers Of 2014

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Untereisboot, Maria Merian's butterflies, stray dog trekking, alcohol-addled speech and how many calories?

Finally, 'Yes, People Will Strip To Their Underwear And Wait Outside In The Cold For Free Stuff'

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