✩ Want You To Know: Smoked Puffin Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

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That dating app you use? It doesn't work very well, because lots of people just don't like lots of other people. Amazing news.

If you should be lucky enough to find yourself a rich lover by way of an algorithm, this history of extremely high art prices might be of some use when persuading them to splurge on something nice to go over the fireplace.

When that's taken care of and you've got your feet up, admiring the Modigliani, spare a thought for the people in Mississippi the Internet forgot. Though those folks probably don't have to worry about putting on their dazzle camouflage makeup before they go to the shops.

Worth Pondering

(That's an official communication from an Irish government department there folks.)

Eye Candy


'New York Punk Then and Now: Touring Downtown Rock Haunts With Photographer David Godlis'

Totally Confused

Fallacies, listed, yourlogicalfallacyis.com, watching Shia LaBeouf, smoked puffin doesn't taste like chicken and no more Noma.

Finally, and to my great shame I have only now noticed that there is a Techdirt podcast.

Yours etc., @loughlin

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