✩ Want You To Know: Pantsbending

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[image via Colossal]

Here are a few things people are likely to keep posting about on Twitter today (which will be subsequently picked up by broadcast and print media).

Today in birthdays: Mark Hamill.


The UN Climate Change summit is on, so listen to this poem. Then discover what the latest polar bear fast food fad is.


Samsung says auf wiedersehen to Europe for laptops and Chromebooks. Presumably to focus on making a phone that's even bigger and even bendier than anything Apple can ever make.

Today in eBay

People are selling Ello invites on eBay. Sounds like 2004 and Gmail invites.

Spoilsports that they are, eBay are refusing to let a man sell a lamp made from his amputated leg. Everybody loves lamp, surely?

Eye Candy


Chicago in the fog. Face collages.

Worth Pondering

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Totally Confused

Blizzard cancelling things is a good thing, Sesame Street vs. The Beastie Boys, thumb extenders, robot calligraphers and serious answers to stupid questions

▶ Finally, watch Will Oldham perform 'Ohio Riverboat Song' for an audience of bemused children and puppets.

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