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Anniversary / A Department Of Peace

Today's the 70th anniversary of D-Day, in case you hadn't noticed. There are events to mark this in northern France and elsewhere. Yesterday an 89 year old veteran parachuted into the same field he landed in in 1944. Fair enough if that's what he wants to do. Made me feel more slovenly than usual.

Seems relevant that Paul Hardcastle's ▶'Nineteen' was number one on this day in 1985.

What happened to Robert Capa's photos? Tony Vaccaro's photos (this is a CNN playlist and it's determined to autoplay)

As usual, we don't seem to have learned all that much.

Internet and others

It begins again. Another bug in OpenSSL. Birds are still angry

The newspaper industry continues scratching its head and trying to figure out just what the big mean ol' Internet has done to it. This pretty chart attempts to explain it all in one go.

'SMS Not Allowed'

Popcorn at the ready as Vodafone publishes its first Law Enforcement Disclosure Report today. What's that? Secret wires you say? Surely not.


Irritating business jargon has been nicked wholesale from the military. Has nobody noticed this before? I'd posit that a lot of it has filtered through team sports on its way to boardrooms. Very pleased with the photo editor who chose to illustrate this story about awful business jargon with an awful business stock photo. Go you!

Game of Thrones is now HBO's most watched show ever. This means there will be an excuse to post this daily for at least the next month.

Emotional robots appear in Japan. Hello Marvin!


via Reddit

Gove must go. ► 'Harper Lee'.

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Thirty commonly mispronounced foods, anti-drone burqas, man in gorilla suit mistaken for gorilla, Kinder egg smugglers arrested in Canada and finally this week Banecat Returns.

Football Corner

Jack Ma knows the score when it comes to football folks. Those are some very highly paid entertainers swan diving for your pleasure.

We're not investing in football, we're investing in entertainment

Alibaba buys half of Chinese soccer club for $192 million

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As it's almost the weekend, here's a selection of longish reads dug out of my Pocket. No real theme this week. Enjoy.

'The Woman Behind Apple's First Icons' (2,200 words, 7 minutes)

'Jimmy Iovine: The Man with the Magic Ears' (6,500 words, 22 minutes)

A Tale of Two Londons (6,200 words, 20 minutes)

'Looking For Tom Lehrer, Comedy's Mysterious Genius' (5,500 words, 18 minutes)

'I Confronted Donald Trump In Dubai' (1,200 words, 4 minutes)

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