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Did you know there were extremely posh corners of the Internet, and you're not invited? Unless you can stump up the cash, of course.

The Feds are looking for more from Facebook, while Twitter belatedly does something about it's rather large harassment issues. Asking someone else to take care of it for you is better than nothing, I suppose.

Meanwhile, in surprising news, Buzzfeed doesn't do clickbait. Apparently.

The Internet Of Things (That Shout At You Or Watch You)

Somebody, somewhere might have naked pictures of you that your own machines have taken. Now you can buy yet another device that will shout instructions at you. Thanks Amazon, hope it works out as well as your phone …


Regarding the ECB letters, and the general shenanigans back then, this is worth revisiting.

The effect of this fantasy is plain to see in TV3’s The Apprentice, a brilliant satire on what now passes for an Irish business culture, a world where commitment, hunger and determination (all synonyms for wanting) are valued above skill, intelligence or any other real-world attribute.

Fergal Crehan, from 2010.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy

Movie title typos, illustrated. London, Instagrammed and timelapsed.

Totally Confused

My name is NOT Elizabeth Gallagher, Facebook, you're NOT my mother, no dog walking for you, no smart phone and just stop looking at your phone.

Finally, which lemur are you?

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