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Rare weekend edition ahoy. Does exactly what it says in the subject line.

“You don’t want to be a Steve Buscemi GIF”

Drop whatever you’re doing and run, don’t walk over to Soundcloud and listen to the Awl podcast with Laura Olin. She talks about running Obama’s online campaign in 2012 and what the 2016 campaign will probably be like online (hint: awful).

As an aside, the UI of the Soundcloud app is nice, isn’t it? It’s my current favourite, more intuitive than most audio apps I’ve seen.

Facebook is now used by half the world’s Internet population, or at least they look at it once a month, experience deep despair and close it again. Hopefully not before stalking Mark Zuckerberg’s dog / mop-head hybrid for a bit though.

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend, the weather forecast is very bad. Here are some good things to read.

‘What It Feels Like To Go Viral’

This is the other standard scenario for content that goes viral: something completely unexpected and random. This isn’t always a good thing. “For the ones that you didn’t do on purpose, it’s frustrating,” Daulerio says. “It’s kind of demoralizing. You realize, OK, great, I basically somehow hit the slot machine and won against the robot that is the Internet.”

‘An Interview with Sarah Jeong, Author of The Internet of Garbage

The most important thing to address is how people of color — particularly black women — are either erased or villainized when we talk about online harassment. I would love to see a book about online harassment that centers on people of color. I wish my book could have done that, but unfortunately, there just aren’t a lot of studies on, for example, how race exacerbates harassment. There aren’t a lot of media accounts, either.

(The Toast wins today’s trackers prize. 67 trackers on this page.)

‘That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket’

TL;DR Hiring people who can write may be beneficial to your start-up.

How A Powerful Criminal Network Infiltrated The Bank Of England’

A source with knowledge of the operation said: “Organised crime’s infiltration of the City of London and financial services industry has long been a concern. Intelligence such as this was a real risk to the economic well-being of the UK and shouldn’t have been suppressed.”

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


Artist Creates Moving Tribute by Hand-Drawing Every Single Item in His Late Grandfather’s Tool Shed

Totally Confused

Three super-earths, what data looks like, buy Jesse Pinkman’s house, keep Twitter weird and Trump’s goons.

Finally, if you’re reading this on a tablet or a phone you might want to chuck it out the window right now if you’re in any way concerned about your privacy. Your apps are eavesdropping on you.

Yours etc., @loughlin


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