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Finally, some good quality Trump. This piece is yuge.

Comments are completely fixable. The problem is that most site owners have neither the inclination or the budget to do so, so we’re left with either no comments or a free-for-all.

Turns out Amazon is still 99% horrible.

Is this something distinct to Amazon, or is this commonplace across US companies? Just ask Jonah Peretti if you’re stumped on the answer to that.

Staying with journalism, we may still need the humans to write the stories, but bots are now selecting which ones you get to see. The stories you see are all wrapped up in and overgrown with ads. Many people don’t like these ads because hell, they’re very very annoying. In many cases they now distract utterly from the content itself. They also slow down page load times considerably. So people use ad blockers, and publishers feel this is a betrayal of some implicit contract. Not really.

Ads have always been a hopeful gamble, not required consumption. … The burden is on the advertisers and publishers to create ads that you’ll care about and present them in a way that you’ll tolerate.

‘The ethics of modern web ad-blocking

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy

Peregrines – and a Photographer – Bunk Out at Chicago Man’s Apartment

Currently listening to the Witchrock EP by Magneta Lane. Latest mix is up on Mixcloud, featuring a picture of my first dog (awww). One of the first Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Ireland, according to my parents. Still not sure if I believe them about that.

Totally Confused

Drones stress bears, Oath Keepers, no Facebook internship for you, monolith and how to spot a hoax

Finally, The New Devil’s Dictionary is as good as everyone says it is. Bierce would be bitter.

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