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Slim pickings today as I've been busy removing all the Amazon apps from my cheap as chips Fire 7 in case I purchase something I don't want by mistake. I'm willing to bet this is a not uncommon occurrence.

Anyway, re: that tennis thing, remember when folks used to mock Buzzfeed because they thought it was all listicles and cats and Internet-friendly content ready for rapid delivery straight into the maws of an unimportant audience that wasn't interested in serious journalism? Much of the mocking came from older media who were also very jealous of the massive traffic Buzzfeed was getting. Many of these outlets are now creating or repurposing their own readily clickshareable junk content, and usually not doing it as well as Buzzfeed was in 2010 or so.

Sean Penn and journalism went head to head and journalism came off worse.

The Gsoc snooping kerfuffle continues. For some reason this article doesn't mention that the underlying law is the subject of a High Court challenge by Digital Rights Ireland.

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Eye Candy


'Images of Afghanistan'

Totally Confused

Palin in plain text, Palin on a loop, TrumpScript, terrorist house, and Area Satiric Publication The Onion Sold To Univision (Seriously).

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