✩ Want You To Know: Mid Month Miscellany

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A is for Acid, your brain on it.

B is for the Bot that composes villanelles.

C is for the importance of the Comma.

D is for the Duke whose wealth should be celebrated.

E is for Einstein's leather jacket.

F is for Fish Oreos.

G is for Gymnastics, and how Simone Biles broke it.

H is for a Honeypot for assholes.

I is for the Internet of (insecure) things.

J is for Just joking, in the Trump style.

K is for Susan Kare, an interview with.

L is for Life expectancy versus health expenditure.

M is for Maps of the fantasy kind.

N is for Niku.

O is obviously for Olympics, but in space.

P is for Pessimism, grumpiness and the benefits thereof.

Q is for wine Queen.

R is for Robot apocalypse.

S is for Sharks that live a long time.

T is for Tim who cleans loos to pay the mortgage and frets over Norwegian nipple clamps.

U is for United Airlines and their atrocious online security.

V is for Vets, the Schrödinger type.

W is for Web Design in 4 minutes.

X is for X-rays of portraits.

Y is for the best of If X Were Your Y.

Z is for Zika and the mutant mosquitoes

Yours etc., @loughlin

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