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Four Twenty, Dude

Maureen Dowd went to Colorado and ate some pot. Half the Western world knows this by now. (If you don't know who Maureen Dowd is, maybe just skip to the next section).

Twitter was very taken with the idea of a stoned senior New York Times columnist and started riffing on this immediately. No real surprise there.

Sarah Jeong (@sarahjeong) seems to have won the unofficial competition with her opus 'Friedman's Bad Trip'. She expanded this to 'Four more New York Times columnists and Malcolm Gladwell get really high: what could possibly go wrong?' in the Guardian.

More Dowd meanies here.

If considering a career change, why not try Slate's 'Drug or Programming Language' quiz? This will help you decide whether brogrammer or Maureen Dowd is the better career path to pursue.

Obligatory Clarky Cat.

Oh No, Internet

The funniest part of this silliness is that it describes Alain de Botton as a 'noted philosopher'. He seems to be advocating spending less time looking at Twitter feeds in favour of listening to what geese and lemurs have to say. I think.


Spike Lee Likes Capitals

City Renames Brooklyn Street Do The Right Thing Way | Brooklyn Magazine.png

Also, 25 x 25 is presently beyond the lifespan of most humans …

Do The Right Thing Way

Worth Pondering


As below, stupid sexist tech industry is still stupid AND sexist.

Serious Internet

Germany announced it's going ahead with an investigation into allegations that the NSA or friends bugged Angela Merkel's phone. Get your popcorn ready.

Facebook announced it is keen to have some more younger users. Specifically tween-age young users. Not exactly right now. But soon, and for the rest of your …

Not all writing / content on the Internet may be real. Pass the smelling salts please.

Totally Confused

A Chrome extension that replaces every instance of 'The Cloud' with ' My Butt', stupid sexist tech industry is still stupid, mad cow disease on comeback trail as are desktop computers, and finally sarcasm-detecting software.

Football Corner

Maybe this time the infrastructure really isn't ready. Gulp.

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