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Hola, folks

After a break for the month of May, this newsletter is back! Here’s a quick roundup of what happened on the Internets in May that was of vague to mild interest.

The Atlantic wrote a eulogy for Twitter. They weren’t exactly the first journalistic outlet to get there, were they? However, Twitter stock did take a bit of a hammering when employees were allowed cash out a few days later.

A street in Baltimore fell into a hole. Wait for it.

The App.net founder and CEO announced that the company actually has plenty of cash. In the same announcement he fired all the full time staff. Oh brave new world of Silicon Valley.

Mlkshk sadly passed on to wherever decent Web services go. SnapChat had to admit that messages sent through its service didn’t actually disappear.

Advanced emoticons

The Daily Dot provided us with the ultimate guide to creating elaborate emoticons. If you see anyone using these, it’s probably best to reply with ಠ_ಠ …

What did Google do to Metafilter?

Something unfortunate, although as Google doesn’t explain its workings to anybody it is unclear exactly what. It does cast doubt on whether Google search results are in any way as reliable as they once were. Some even went so far as to suggest Google Is Breaking The Internet. If concerned about this, you could always use a different search engine that does more searching and less user tracking.

As a testament to Metafilter and its community of users being the best of the Web, many have pledged to support the site themselves. Note that this was entirely driven by the users, who located a years-old PayPal donation link and immediately started donating in droves. As of today, almost 3,000 have donated, the majority of those being recurring monthly subscriptions.

Now, back to the future.

Worth Pondering


Winter Is Still Coming


After a strange one week break, Game of Thrones is back today. If you haven’t seen the honest trailer for this season, you should watch it. It’ll give you a giggle.

Related – chimp wars.

Documentary for the day

As Bear Island is in the news at the moment, this documentary on HMS Belfast came to mind. If you’re ever in London and you’re in anyway interested in things nautical, she’s well worth a visit.

Eye Candy. In Space

Here’s what Earth looks like from the International Space Station. Depending on where the ISS is, it may be a tad dark and not all that exciting.

Totally Confused, Animal Video Edition

How A Raccoon Became An Aardvark, Keyboard Playing Otters, Basketball Playing Otter, Jenga Playing Cat and Bucket Playing Dog.

Football Corner

In honour of the impending World Cup, a new series of memorable, motivational and inspirational quotes from the world of soccer. First up, it’s Terry Venables.


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