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Sorry, I lied yesterday. No Fifty Shades coverage today.

In true inoffensive crime stories, it doesn’t get better than this: The mystery of Mingering Mike: the soul legend who never existed

Your email encryption relies on one guy. Yes, one guy.

The media writer’s media writer David Carr died suddenly last night. Longreads has a short collection of writing by and about him. If you read just one piece, make it his stunning chronicle of shameless executive shenanigans at the Tribune Company, ‘At Flagging Tribune, Tales of a Bankrupt Culture’. Also watch Carr take some guys from Vice down a peg or two in this clip from the documentary Page One.

I’d planned to include this anyway, as it’s a fascinating insight into the mechanics of how the newspaper sausage is made: How the New York Times works.

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Hungarian paper money by Bernát Barbara

Totally Confused

Fun junky Branson, face isn’t the future, penguins in jumpers, losing the Internet and abandoned dog robots.

Finally, I will always miss Berlin.

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