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It might be said that the only bananas the EU has had a significant impact upon are the politicians who repeat this myth, in the face of evidence to the contrary in any branch of Tesco. Boris is the yellowest of all.

Book covers

This year, disparate works like Sunil Yapa’s literary novel “Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist,” Tim Dorsey’s serial-killer comedy “Coconut Cowboy” and Lauren Weedman’s memoir “Miss Fortune,” all have come jacketed in straight 100% yellow, the most basic yellow in printing ink.


In the last month the number of searches for warrant canaries grew by an order of magnitude. This is likely thanks in large part to the disappearance of reddit's warrant canary from their 2016 transparency report. The last year has, without a doubt, been a banner year for awareness of warrant canaries.


"Days later this conversation echoes around my mind while I’m listening to the song as I walk past a typical Scottish woollen knitwear shop. My eyes flit over a ball of wool in the window while the vid2word “unwinding” is sung and pretty quickly I’m leaving a garbled over-excited message on Tim’s phone about the music video I have in my head”

Undercover police cars

Herman Yung is an enthusiastic photographer/taxi-spotter and over the years, he's managed to spot seven NYPD police cars disguised as yellow cabs.

Worth Pondering


♫ Corner

This Nicolas Jaar Essential Mix, which starts with a clip of Angelo Badalamenti talking about composing for Twin Peaks, with David Lynch sitting next to him dictating atmospheres is very much my current jam.

Eye Candy


'A Kinetic Sculpture of 15 Moving LEDs Mimics a Walking Person'

Totally Confused

Didgeridoo yerself to sleep, Museum of Obsolete Media, violent margin rabbits, sad lonely smut storms and slugs work out.

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