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It's October 1st, careful you don't annex anything by mistake! Instead you could grab yourself a nice new wallpaper for the month.

Exciting news, part the first: the utterly wonderful Roxanne Gray is coming to The Toast to launch something appropriately called The Butter. More evidence, if it was needed, that online publishing doesn't have to be listicles, SEO-mangled headlines and hasty retractions of Twitter rumours reported as fact.

Exciting news, part the second: Jon Hamm will star in a three-part Black Mirror Christmas special. What the words 'Christmas special' mean to Charlie Brooker is anyone's guess. In the bleak midwinter indeed.


What exactly is it that An Taoiseach is non-apology apologising for?


Emergent.info aims to track rumours and hoaxes as they spread online, and identify whether they're true of false. A bit like a near real-time Snopes.

Always read the small print

When people connected to the hotspot, the terms and conditions they were asked to sign up to included a “Herod clause” promising free Wi-Fi but only if “the recipient agreed to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity”. Six people signed up.

Netflix is branching out into movie production. This should surprise the sum total of zero people.

Oh The Glamour!


If you've $23,000 to spare you could definitely spend it on something more worthwhile than a return flight from Singapore to New York.

French Kissing


Worth Pondering, Quora Edition

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Totally Confused, Dog + Water Edition

Dog + water, dog + hose, dog + paddling pool, dog + inflatable collar and dog + water + otter.

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