✩ Want You To Know: Heresy, homoheresy

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Well this is interesting.

"I also joined Twitter to follow Britney Spears" he says. "But I didn't have anything to tweet about. So I figured, hey, tweeting these facts would be a really good idea. It was just so I could feel like I was closer to her.”

People will click on any old made-up crap is the lesson here.

People will also trust any old online service with their naked pics. Well done to everybody involved in this one.

With security in mind, it will be interesting to see how tweeting money works out. Probably not that well.

Weezer have released a whole load of rubbish albums in the last twenty years. Rivers Cuomo still hasn't decided which one is the worst. Hint: It's usually Pinkerton or the one immediately preceding the new one.

Dropbox techdudebros are awful, entitled, 'do you know who we are' types.

'Even so, the Ebola patients I treated were probably just as shocked by my appearance as they were about their intense suffering.'


What seems to be a mild call for taking the radical option of being somewhat nicer towards gay people has been met with a predictable conservative Catholic response.

The tradition-minded blog Rorate Caeli called the document "heresy, homoheresy."

They're can be so cute when they're angry.



It's budget time again. That there chart shows what caused the world's first government budget to be implemented. It looks a lot like the ups and downs of the Irish economy over the last twenty years.

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Wedding stalking, female pickup artistry, real life ninja turtle, animal family portraits and underviewed videos.

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