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The real difference between state surveillance programs and techbro surveillance programs? It's all in the names. The former are usually fairly innocuous-sounding: ECHELON, PRISM etc. The latter could have been thought up by 15 year old gamers, drunk on their own wild power – "look upon my GOD VIEW and despair, puny mortals!"

Five A Day

Everybody wants to buy organic. Nobody has the faintest idea what that means. Nestle to the rescue with their exercise in a bottle thing?

This may all be immaterial, because it looks like your health and fitness apps and various devices will ultimately betray you in court.

One A Day

It's the new thing that's not that new at all. this.cm lets users post one story a day. meh.com offers one product a day for sale.

Early Christmas Gift Klaxon

Get your loved ones the Good Web Bundle. Full access to five of the greatest things on the web for half the usual price. It's what the web should be, and still can be. Anil Dash explains it better than I can.

I see a bunch of sites where instead of women getting harassed, women are founders. I see a web where people are having fun with each other, while they're goofing off during their lunch hour. I see the web we'll curl up with when we're stuck at our parents' house at Thanksgiving and can't stand listening to the TV blasting anymore.

Eye Candy


Cities On Cliffs

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

Sad compliant robot, mammoth resurrection, food porn addiction, Yelp prison reviews and the museum of selfies

Finally, Wait, What Does Your Startup Do?


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