✩ Want You To Know: First They Came For The Bad Jokes

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Finally. Twitter has stepped up and dealt with one of the more serious problems that has dogged it for years. Unfortunately, it's not the widespread abuse and harassment of women on the platform. No, they're dealing with the terrible menace of unfunny people passing off usually unfunny jokes as their own.

People like the authenticity of citizen journalism / eyewitness reporting and are willing to overlook the poor quality of much of it, according to the BBC. Fortunately for less scrupulous media outlets, they don't really care whether it's properly attributed or not.

From the department of This Shouldn't Come As A Surprise To Anyone, slamming an interstitial in front of visitors to your mobile site demanding they install your app leads to most of them going away and not bothering to come back.

Your Android phone can be hacked by delivery of a simple text message, and the fractured nature of Android distribution means that this exploit may well not be fixed any time soon.

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Thirteen months in the Googleplex, Blueshirts covered up, DIY Whoppers, Google divorces Google+ and how to tell if you are in an Old English poem.

Finally, have you heard the one about the new airport in Berlin? The amount of ineptitude would bring a tear to the eye of the most hard-hearted PIIG.

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