✩ Want You To Know: Fake Friday Face Harvesting

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Fake Bundy. Fake journalist. Fake rats. It's almost as if you can't trust anything you read and rebroadcast on the Internet these days.

Apple wants to know how you feel. The FT article, which is paywalled, quotes Emotient as having the ability to harvest faces. I'll bet that's an ice-breaker at parties when someone idly asks what you do for a living.

From the Mildly Eyebrow Raising Desk, T-Mobile's CEO took a somewhat unorthodox approach to corporate communications yesterday. Don't know about you but I'm looking forward to this brave new future of executives swearily shouting about civil rights groups who they feel are being mean to them.


The Indo tells us the Gardai have declared war on nerds. Because the only people who use near-ubiquitous consumer technology are nerds. This is also very much not a new development.

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Eye Candy


Painting Two Boeing 737s

Totally Confused

Good picture tweets, trade show boilerplate, owl pics, pissroach and hunter drone.

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