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It's been a hellish week for news, and with the media still showing a reluctance to use the word homophobia in relation to the Orlando killings or to admit how complicit many outlets have been in fanning the flames of white nationalism in England which led to Jo Cox's murder, you're probably better off not watching any TV or reading any newspapers for a bit.

You could always give the latest episode of Note to Self a whirl instead. It's about one specific email newsletter and how we don't really consume the news any more, but perhaps an abstraction of the news. News is entirely a product now, we've all been segmented and soon we'll be aggressively targeted by the emoji we tweet. ::appropriate emoji::

Then you could marvel at the human ingenuity that's allowed us to sit at our keyboards like the I have no idea what I'm doing dog and watch video of a space capsule beginning its return to the Earth with the moon as a backdrop.

Back in Ireland, with the gurning approval of battery of government figures (Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Minister for Jobs), Google opened a warehouse in Dublin earlier this week. At the same time it announced it was throwing even more money at super exciting AI research and development. Except this high value engineering work will be done in Zurich. Although headquartered in Dublin for CERTAINLY NOT SOLELY TAX reasons, Zurich "is home to Google’s largest engineering office outside the U.S." Actually, another reason they're headquartered here might be easy access to sympathetic government ears.

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