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Yes, I'd been planning to get things going again, newsletter-wise, at the start of this month. Unfortunately events and good weather got in the way of that, but it turns out this is an incredibly auspicious time to be restarting a newsletter. That was the Harvard Business Review saying that, and if the Harvard Business Review says it so then it's obviously seriously business.

Anyway, let's get going.

Recently it's all been bacon and blimps. Bacon is bad. Communication about bacon is bad. Bacon is on Air Force One. Blimp is free. Blimp is down. Blimp is expensive and mostly useless.

the most brutal maltreatment that has ever been inflicted on the mother-tongue of the great English-speaking nations

Hell no.

Why Denis Redacted, why? Mark Zuckerberg: domination or revolution?

In magician news, David Mitchell is great on Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea and why Ged is the best wizard of them all. I try and reread the trilogy every couple of years because it is a masterclass in taut storytelling.

Worth Pondering


Eye Candy


'Portraits of Cats Shaking Themselves Clean'

Totally Confused

Speed of Animals, crowdsourcing stealth help, fairy census, "it's a made-up drug" and Ermahgerddon.

Sportsing Corner

As the Rugby World Cup winds down, it's time to revisit this piece of magnificent writing from way back at the start of the tournament. These sort of people are real. I have met them.

He is the guy at the pub who always talk a little louder than he needs to. He is the guy who tries to race you at traffic lights. He is a Twitter banter account in human form. He is the sort of person for whom the word “mate” is not a term of endearment, but a grammatical punch in the face, an axiom to be deployed at the start of every sentence like a capital letter.

'Matt Dawson: the great Hakarena irritant who will never be truly important enough to hate'

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