✩ Want You To Know: A Robot Giraffe, A Trapped Owl And A Grizzly Bear Walk Into A Bar

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App Of The Week

RunPee takes the anxiety out of peeing during films. It recommends when is best to take a bathroom break during a movie, ensuring you don't miss any vital explosions. For those weak-bladdered completists still concerned they might miss something, the app even provides a summary of what's happened while you've been in the water closet.

This is how your iPhone comes together. Just don't think too much about the working conditions of those who put it together.

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Advertisers don't like banner ads. Or wait, maybe they do.

For all the hype surrounding the Times’s Netflix native ad, Tomich said banners will continue constituting a large portion of the Times’s ad revenue. There were countless ad tech companies along the Croisette, many of them selling publishers and brands on their solution for more efficiently buying, selling and tracking banner ads.

Cynic's Corner

Google is throwing $50m at Made With Code, an initiative aiming to encourage more girls to code. Altruistic, or just Google recognising it needs to widen the conveyor belt of computer science graduates before brogrammers take over and Yo is the pinnacle of technological achievement? You decide.

Oh Marketing

Samsung wished Landon Donovan the best of luck in the World Cup ahead of last night's thrilling draw against Portugal. Unfortunately Donovan wasn't playing. In fact he isn't even in the USA squad in Brazil. Ooops.

Obama accosted by British robotic giraffe.

ISIS and social media. Promoted tweets coming soon?

The Almost-Real World

The Guardian hopefully declares the end of the hipster. I fear it won't be that easy to make them go away.

Why your earbuds get tangled up. This is exactly what science is for.

Berlin's church-mosque-synagogue.

Say "cheese!", this drone wants to take your picture.

What the hell, Detroit?

Totally Confused

Owl evacuation, dancing in the (silent) street, cuckoo eggs arms race, dog dance party and what Twitter bios really mean.

Football Corner

Despite all the goals (GOOOOOOOOAL), controversy just won't go away.

Anonymous also took the official World Cup site down for a few hours on Friday.

Worth Pondering


Documentary of the day: Scary Scopolamine

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