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From Paul Reuter through to John Reith, at the BBC, the pioneers of journalism were also pioneers of communications technology. Today however we have reached a point of transition where news spaces are no longer owned by newsmakers. The press is no longer in charge of the free press and has lost control of the main conduits through which stories reach audiences. The public sphere is now operated by a small number of private companies, based in Silicon Valley.

Emily Bell on Silicon Valley and journalism. This could be dismissed simply as journalism’s unease with a shifting of power, but it’s more significant than that. Accountability is important and Silicon Valley firms don’t have a particularly strong track record on that.

Here are some grown up journalists pretending to be teenagers. I think it is some kind of arch in-joke. It might just be stupid though.

Good writing in Gawker from Kelly Conaboy on oversharing online:
‘This Kid Just Died VIDEO: Grief Porn Enters the Facebook Era’

It turns out that despite all the ill-informed and mandatory outrage over the latest Grand Theft Auto title, video games aren’t melting children’s brains.

Red Red Wine

The new weapon of choice for the discerning disgruntled soccer fan. Thanks to climate change these fans will soon be able to source their missiles locally.

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Kerby Rosanes

Worth Pondering


Totally Confused

A bus that runs on poop, searching for snow leopards, the secret life of string cheese, early web battles and teddy bear mugshots.

Finally, watch Paul O’Connell pick up one Australian and use him to knock another Australian over. On an endless loop.

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