☆ Want You To Know: Reality TV Revelations?

An article widely circulated recently was billed as being revelatory. The big reveal was that a generous proportion of reality TV is actually scripted.

Had this genuinely not occurred to a lot of people before now? It’s decades since The Real World debuted on MTV. The unreality of the reality of these shows has become more obvious with every passing year.

Charlie Brooker explains how a lot of it is done. Editing.

Meeja Pondering

This has been pretty apparent for the last while. There’s less decent reporting being done. Pretty soon there may not be much left to aggregate and curate that’s of any quality. Thus squeezing the market for aggregation services.

Of course, in future all news is going to be written by robots.

In fact, the BBC may already have deployed some robot sub-editors.

Quote Of The Day

Imagine being described as a wanker by Bono. I do not believe I am exaggerating when I say it would be like your dog standing up on its hind legs in your kitchen one day and suddenly laughing at you for being a dog.


Totally Confused, Somewhat Sartorial Edition

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