☆ Want You To Know: Intergalactic

The (Somewhat) Real World

Darth Vader has been prevented from running in the Ukrainian presidential elections in May. Earth has yet again missed out on a potential galactic empire. Will we never learn?

If you're even remotely incompetent, video games may enrage you. Hence it is not recommended that you go anywhere near QWOP.

Real world athletics isn't much better as the drones have started to attack. This is only the beginning.

In Android news, there'll be ads on your lock screen before long. Allegedly.

Bubble? What bubble?

A Polish politician is travelling to the UK to find out what life is like as a migrant. In the process of solving Poland's emigration problem he has incidentally secured himself quite an amount of media coverage. Well played, Artur Debski, well played.

Today In Facepalm

Kate Mulgrew has caused consternation amongst geeks by providing the narration for 'The Principle'. The Sun really does revolve around the Earth after all. Because of science, apparently.

Because of serendipity, that page also provides today's bottom half of the Internet highlight.

I showed your online tellarium and the animated Geocentricity pictures to our share a lunch together church group. They were very surprised but very interested. Our pastor told us that he believed in Geocentricity.
I sent an email to the president of the world Society Of Evangelical Arminians, informing him about your belief in Geocentricity, and he replied, ‘do you really expect me to answer this email.’
I did not expect this answer. I never replied to him.

Fusion Television

Silicon Thrones?

My Heart Bleeds For You, Internet

heartbleed.com, engadget.com, test your server.

Vox.com launched and the New York Times got breathlessly excited about the whole thing, especially the bespoke CMS, Chorus. This must be the first time that a CMS has been described as being "sexy enough to be a recruiting tool." Go here for your helping of card-based journosplaining.

Totally Confused

Angry Apple emails, petrol-sniffing spiders, light on Mars, tipping smart cars and the salvation of your eternal soul is now downloading.

Cold music. A song for Winnipeg winters. 'These Are Grounds For Violence'.

Relevant music. Beastie Boys, 'Intergalactic'

Finally, this is extremely pretty and for a very good cause. Go and make some memories …